LIndsey_and_tawnees_state.jpgEditing done by: Lindsey Paulina, Amy Decker, Tawnee Bowers, and Ivy Shreckengost.

We are dividing into two groups:
Ivy and Amy- in charge of discussing future problems with global warming.
Tawnee and Lindsey- in charge of stating the current problems with global warming.

Lindsey and Amy- con side
Ivy and Tawnee- pro side

Lindsey's suggestions: We need to research and then form an opinion and be able to defend it.

Tawnee's ideas: The statement needs to be shocking, almost harsh enough for people to understand the whole reality of it.
We need to support it on the con side especially because we don't want the people who do not believe this problem is important to just look at it and say, "oh look, another one of those 'people'."

Amy's theory: Our statement needs to be bold so that people don't just look at it. We want them to read the whole thing and act upon it.

Ivy's thoughts: For the ones who do not believe this is a problem, we need to convince them differently.