Motic Instructions

  1. Connect the Motic camera
  2. Open Motic software - open finder - click applications - open Motic
  3. File ---> new (make sure live video is checked). If a screen doesn't open, shut down and try again.
  4. Get a good picture.

The moticam can measure the cell size for you. Choose Measure -->Calibration wizard.
  • Set the magnification of the lens - use a 10x or 40x
  • Make sure you put in the filed diameter of the low power or high power lens you are using (do you remember these from the beginning of the year?)

To take a picture: use file --> autocapture
  • Make sure you save to the desktop (you will need to change this)
  • Also be sure you change the format to jpeg (.mix is the default and does not load to the wiki)