Just For Fun...

So, can you really use anything you learn in high school in the real world? I have heard this ever since I started teaching. "Where will we ever use this in life? Why do we have to know this?" I do understand. I like to know that what I'm learning is useful. I don't enjoy feeling like I'm wasting my time. However, I also find learning experiences in everything I do even when others can't see it. Let's see if you can do that. You are going to answer your own questions - for prizes. I will periodically award better answers with the prizes I can come up with. Money is not one of the prizes, but I'll do what I can. Food (most of you love food), extra points (all of you love that), candy (if it doesn’t get confiscated), and other miscellaneous stuff I can find.

Real World Rules - post using the following format:

I'm glad I know _ , because one day I will _. (first name last initial)
Must come up with something different than all the other posts
Must be specific
Underline what you know and what one day you will...