To upload a document onto the wiki you need to follow these instructions:

1. Type the document onto word
2. Copy and paste into google docs.
3. If you want to add an image you drag the image you want directly from the internet into google docs.
DO NOT "INSERT" THE IMAGE!!! This will not work when you go to upload it onto the wiki.
4. On the google docs page, when you are done typing and dragging in pictures, go to "edit html"
5. Copy the embed code
6. Go to the wiki and get to the page you want to edit, then "edit this page".
7. Click on the widget box (the T.V.) on the toolbar.
8. Go to "other html" and paste the embed code here, then save
9. Congratulations you have now done something smart!!! Happy Birthday!!!
10. The're done.....stop reading.....NOW!

Created by Tyler W. and Sam C.