Raul Bartholomew Lindandtawn!!!! (the cutest medaka everrrr!)

poor little guy's still in the truck as of May 16, 2008
May 20, 2008- little Raul arrived! only about 29 hours old! We estimate that Raul's due date will be May 30, 2008.
May 21, 2008- We believe that Raul is around only around 33 hours old because the neural tube is just now developing noticeably. The correction from yesterday is 26 hours. We also think that although logically he should be 24 hours older than yesterday but as we have it, he is only 7 hours older; the reasoning for that is because he is still at a very premature age but tomorrow might show much more maturity than we saw within the first day. With this correction in mind the due date will still not change because the hours are not more than 24. 10 more days til little baby Raul!!

May 22, 2008- Today our observations indicate that Raul Bartholomew is about 46 hours or older. We know this because we observed a heartbeat today and the heart starts to beat at Stage 23 (46 hours). That means our prediction yesterday of 33 hours was wrong. We think that he also has to be older than 46 hours because that would mean that yesterday he was only 22 hours old and that is impossible considering the eggs were shipped Monday.
May 23, 2008- On this day we observed that Raul is about 62 hours old, also known as Stage 27. We think he is at this stage because the pectoral fin is visible and the frequency of the heart and blood circulation is very strong and constant. We hope to see him hatch within eight or nine days.
May 27, 2008- Today when we first saw Raul after three days, his eyes were visible without a microscope. When we counted his heartbeat today it was about 174 per minute. Considering his heartbeat we predicted he is around 168 hours old or at Stage 34. We think is is 168 hours old rather than 144 because he seems to twitch every so often and we think that is his jaw. Due to our current calculations that means that on May 23, Raul would have been about 100 hours old. He has now developed a swim bladder and urinary bladder, which are hard to observe but somewhat visible. Tomorrow when he will hopefully be past Stage 35, we hope to see some subtle eye movement.
May 28, 2008-Today Raul should be about 194 hours, just six hours shy of Stage 35. Today we saw the eye twitch slightly, indicating he is close to stage 35! Under the microscope we also observed the forebrain! Tomorrow we hope to be a stage closer to hatching! He is expected to hatch on May 30! Today his heartbeat slowed to 161 beats per minute.
May 29, 2008- Today it was a little difficult to view Raul's heart. We think this is because he has grown other parts of his body and it has hindered the sight of the heart located within. Today he is predicted to be about 218 hours old. Our prediction date from yesterday was right, he will most likely hatch tomorrow.
June 1, 2008- Raul has hatched! He has most likely hatched May 30 due to our predictions. We will never know for sure. He is now swimming and breathing on his own. He has two large eyes and a long ventral fin.
Our predictions were acurate from May 23. Baby Raul can now swim off on his own!
Raul!_one.jpg-----day 1
raulday2labelled.jpg----day 2
---day 3=heartbeat 60 times per minute
labelleddaythreemesaures.jpg----day 3- 46 hours
labelled_day_4.jpg---day 3-56 hours
---day 4 heartbeat-108 per minute
----day 5 heartbeat-174 per minute
day555lebeledlittle_raul.jpg ---day 5 168 hours
--Day 6-heartbeat-165 beats per minute
raul_day_6.jpg ---day 6--194 hours
day7raul.jpg---day 7--
---day seven heartbeat--

---day eight heatbeat--

bestoneday8.jpg---day eight picture

2008_6_2_14_40_31.jpg---RAULS LITTLE BOTTOM