Day 1
From this photo, Adam and Nick predict that our egg will hatch on the 29th

Day 2
From this photo, we are staying by our prediction of it hatching on the 29th

Day 3
From this photo we have changed our prediction back a few days to the 28th.

Day 4

we see that our egg has developed a heartbeat on the 23rd. Look at it go.

Day 5

2008_5_27_10_45_42.murdock.jpg 2008_5_27_10_45_42.murdock.jpg
This things heart goes a mile a minute! But we are staying by the fact that we believe that it will hatch by the 28.
Also we have the structures labled. We are probably going to have to change our time to hatch but we'll cross that bridge when we get to it.

Day 6

Lil' Ging is developing quite nicely but its the 28th and he hasn't hatched yet so we must change our date. We have decided on the second of June. If it doesn't hatch by then then we don't know.

Day 7

Its the 29th today and judging by his heartrate and his current organs, we still predict hatching on the 2nd.

Day 8

Our egg has developed quite a lot. We still believe it will hatch on the 2 of June. We believe this due to the structures and size of the egg.

Day 9

IT HATCHED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (FINALLY) We were correct in our prediction as it hatched on June 2.