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Our Egg's name is Kaia.

Day 1: 5-20-08

Day 1

We predict that little Kaia is 26 hours hold, which means she is in Stage 18. Kupffer’s vesicle begins to form, and the entire embryo is only 1 mm long. We also predict that Kaia will hatch in ten days.

Day 2: 5-21-08


Day 2
We now predict that Kaia will hatch in nine days. Kaia is now in stage 14, which is 36 hours old. Optic cups are formed, but without lenses. The three primary brain divisions are noticeable. There are six to eight somites.

Day 3: 5-22-08

Day 3: 5-22-08

We predict that Kaia will hatch in eight days. Kaia is in stage 23, or about 46 hours old. Her heart starting beating today! Her heartbeat was 74 times per minute. The head and tail have begun to lift of the yolk sac, and about 15 somites are formed.

Day 4: 5-23-08

Day 4: 5-23-08

We think that Kaia will hatch in seven days. We believe that Kaia is in stage 27, which is 62 hours old. Body movements have increased and blood circulation is steady and strong. About 26 somites can be counted. Her heartbeat was 134 beats per minute.

Day 8: 5-27-08

Day 8: 5-27-08

We now think that Kaia is going to hatch in three days. Kaia is in stage 29. She is 84 hours old. The tail moves more and may move the whole animal. The pectoral fin appears thick and bluntly pointed when viewed from above. Kaia had 150 heartbeat/minute.

Day 9: 5-28-08


Day 9: 5-28-08

We predict that she will hatch in two days. She is in stage 30 and is 102 hours old. The blood is a dark pink color, and the tip of the tail reaches the eye. The pectoral fins do not show any movement yet. She had 150 heartbeats per minute.

Day 10: 5-29-08 5-29-08_labeled.JPG

Day 10:

Kaia is going to hatch tomorrow, at least that’s what we predict. She is in stage 31 and is 121 hours old. Some twitches occur in the pectoral fin. The cornea is visible, and the blood is a reddish color. Heartbeat was 150 times per minute.

Day 11: 5-30-08 5-30-08_labelled.JPG

Day 11: 5-30-08

Well, we were wrong. Kaia didn’t hatch like we predicted. She is in stage 33 and is 144 hours old. All of the organs are kind of visible and a ventral fin has widened. The lower jaw is also forming. Kaia had 174 heartbeats.

Day 12: 6-2-08 6-2-08_labelled.JPG

Day 12:6-2-08

Kaia hatched sometime between Friday after 5th period and today before 5th period. She is in stage 36 and is 264 hours old. The urinary bladder, spleen, and liver are located on the left side. The intestine passes between the two bladders. The caudal fin is rounded and fin rays are forming within.