Welcome to the Wiki page of Matt Weaver, Joe Neal and of course Fatty Stunder. Stunder is the Madaka fish that Joe and I, Matt, will be raising over the next few weeks.
Fatty Stunder Day one: At this point in time, Joe and I believe that Fatty Stunder is 33 hours old. Nothing is really visible other than the outline of the egg.
Day 2: please_don't_erase_stunder_day_2.jpg Stunder is now 58 hours old. We can see that more structures are beginning to form. Joe and I believe that by day 5, the egg will be almost fully developed.

Day 3: Fatty Stunder is now 83 hours old. The structures are now beginning to become distinguishable. Joe predicts that stunder will hatch from his egg by day eight. It is my (Matt) belief however that it will take longer than that, about 10 days is my guess. Joe and I both agree that within the next few days we will start to see a indistinguishable heartbeat.
Lil' Stunder is now in his 156th hour or is 6 1/2 days old. Today we counted 131 heartbeats. We can now see the eyes of Stunder beginning to form and become distinguishable.

Stunder is now in his 180th hour and today we counted 112 heartbeats- inconsistent from yesterday, but we believe this is just in the growth process of the Medaka. We will prove this theory tomorrow (Friday) as we count its heartbeats. We are now able to see the tail coming off the back of Stunder.

Day 5: Stunder is in his 220th hour on earth. His is progressing well and more and more structures are coming in. The heartbeat count today was 126 beats. We can now see the eyes of Stunder quite well.

Day 6: The heartbeats, Joe and I have realized, are not very consistent from day to day. Todays heart beat rate was 114 beats to yesterdays 126. Stunder is now in his 230th hour.
Day 7: It's official, Fatty Stunder has hatched from its egg. Joe and I now have a baby fish. I walked over to Stunder's dish only to notice a small fish swimming around in the place of a egg. I would now like to wish Stunder the best of luck with the rest of his life because we are going to release him into the fish bowl that Mr. Maine has prepared.