Welcome to Corban and Danielle's Medaka Egg Page

Our egg's name is Welsey Vonton JR. [due to the loss of Wesley Vonton SR]

DAY ONE: Tuesday, May 20, 2008


We predict that Wesley Vonton JR will hatch in eleven days.
The stage of Wesley is 18. He is 26 hours old
The oil droplet is housing the brain. The whole embryo is only one millimeter long. The blastoderm is the space in which the actual medaka will form in later stages of its life.

DAY TWO: Wednesday, May 21, 2008

We predict that Wesley will hatch in about ten days.
Wesley is in Stage 21. He is 36 hours old.
During this stage the true pericardial cavity is defined ventrally and bilaterally. The optic vesicle has come into view in this stage. The pericardial cavity is the space in which the heart is located, so the defining of the pericardial cavity is preparing the embryo for the forming of the heart.

DAY THREE: Thursday, May 22, 2008

We predict that the egg will hatch in approximately 10 days.
Wesley Vonton Jr. is 46 hours old. He is in stage 23.
The heart has formed and began to circulate blood in the embryo. The optic cup and lens are both visible now. The optic cup is the part of the developing eye that is formed from thickening optic vesicles. The optic lens is simply the structure that refracts light for the retina, similar to its task in the human body.

Video Of Wesley's Beating Heart

His heart is currently beating 84 times per minute.

DAY FOUR: Friday, May 23, 2008


We now predict that Wesley Vonton Jr. will hatch in 9 days.
Our little guy is 62 hours old and is in stage 27.
The blood circulation is now strong in the embryo. Wesley can be seen moving more often now. The pectoral fin, which is used to help the fish control its depth in the water, is also now visible.

Another video of Wesley's beating heart.

DAY EIGHT: Tuesday, May 27, 2008



We now predict that Wesley will hatch in 7 days.
He is now 121 hours old and is in stage 31.
The pectoral fin can be seen moving and is developing. The optic lens and cup seem to have merged together, but the retinal pigmentation has intensified, making the eyes appear as black spots. The heart is pumping more rapidly and the heartbeat has increased.

Day 8 video of Wesley:

His heart is beating 132 times per minute.

DAY NINE: Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Wesley's due date is now in 6 days.
He is now 144 hours old and is in stage 33.
Wesley's back, or ventral, fin has widened and is now clearly visible. The heart rate is still increasing, following the pattern over the past few days. The intestines have developed, but are still transparent. The liver can be seen on the left side of the medaka. The swim bladder, or the organ that controls the fish's buoyancy, appears in the middle of the fish.


Day 9 video of Wesley

His heart is beating 126 times per minute.

DAY TEN: Thursday, May 29, 2008

Wesley continues to grow, and is now expected to arrive in the world in 5 days.
He is currently 168 hours old and is in stage 34.
Today, blood circulation can clearly be seen. There appears to be a yellowish tint to the head and trunk areas. The ventral fin is wrapped up around in the embryo and is nearly touching the head area near the brain.

Day 10 video of Wesley

His heart is beating at a rate of 132 beats per minute

DAY ELEVEN: Friday, May 30, 2008

Today's the day!
Wesley Vonton Jr. hatched today sometime between 4:00 pm yesterday and 10:00 am today.
He arrived around 5 days before his due date, but is currently healthy and very hyper-active.
He is in stage 36, or the hatching stage (obviously). Wesley can now breathe and easily swim on his own. The ventral fin is very long, being about twice as long as the rest of the body.
*Please pardon the blurry image. Wesley had a major case of hyperactivity.