lauren and kristas medaka egg

this is a video of our hatched medaka

this is concretia the day she arrived.. according to the handbook.. she seems to be about 26 hours old. We predict that she will hatch somewhere around June 3rd.

this is concretia on day 2
this is concretia on day three. We noticed she had a heartbeat! It was 59 beats per minute.

This is concretia on day 8. She had a heartbeat of 148 beats per minute.


This is Concretia on day 9. Her figure is getting more clear and her eyes are so cute.
This is day 10 of Concretia's life, we are hopeing that she hatches tomorrow.

I had to crop this picture becuase you couldn't see it very well, but even in this picture see is very blurry. But you can cleary see that it is hatched.