Chairman Meow's page! Soon to be zak and brodi

Prediction- From what we have already learned and saw we believe that Chairman Meow will hatch in 10 days.

Day 1 w/Measurements-5/20/08- We believe that at this point it is at stage 10 which is about 6 hours after birth.
In the cell there are oil globules along with the egg nucleus. This is the early high bastula stage. There are now about 30 cells.

Day 2-5/21/08- At this point we believe that this is around stage 16 or around 20 hours. This is the late gastrula stage. There are still a few oil globules still located near the vegetal pole.
Day 3-5/22/08- We believe that, at this point, our egg is at stage 19 which is about 29 hours after birth. The rudimentaty optic vesicle has formed. Day 4 will be on Monday after the weekend.
Day 4 5/25/- This is at stage 23 or 46 hours and has just started to have its heartbeat. It 46 beats per minute. You can now begin to see little blood spots start to appear.
Day 5 5/26- This would be stage 30 or 102 hours. The tip of the tail has curled around and is now touching the head. The blood has turned to a dark pink and a chamber has developed in the heart.
Day 6 5/27 - I believe our Medaka to be at Stage 32 (128 hours). The cornea of the eye is slightly raised from the rest of the eye.

Day 7 5/29 -This is the 34th stage or 168 hours in the egg. The jaw is twitching at at this point and eyes are capable of moving. Also the pectoral fin is a membrane right now.

Day 8 6/1- Our Medaka hatched after about 264 houirs. but since the weekend split up the time we can not really pinpoint exactly when our egg hatched.