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Cellvivor activity
- To listen to the voice thread, click on the play button on the picture screen. Listen to the assignment. Each group has to make one desperate attempt to keep their cell part from being voted out of the cell. Make a convincing argument as to why your cell part is important and the cell cannot survive without it. When it is your groups turn, you will upload a photo of the group, and add your voice to the voice thread with your reasoning for keeping your cell part (be sure not to overwrite another's voice). You can also doodle at the same time you are speaking to show your cell part and its importance. Voting will follow to determine the cell part that will leave the cell (the one with the weakest argument will lose).

5th period voice thread

5th period voting

7th period voice thread

7th period voting

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Vote and hit return (enter) to cast your vote.

Seventh period statements:

Following our work, we will be investigating the following prompt:

Can a cell live forever (our aging project)?