Berwyn Tum Tum Bumblebutt

(Parented by Lucas Burke and Ian Weaver)

Day 1- At this point, we are just getting the egg and observing it for the first time. When we first examined it, it was at stage 13. The diameter of the blastoderm is .9mm. There is no apparent germ ring or embryonic sheild yet. We now predict that it will hatch on May 28.
Day 2 Our egg is now undergoing stage 17. The solid keel of thecentral nervous system is now present, and the youl is protruding form the blastopore. this is because about 4/5 of the youl is covered by the extraembryonic epithelia. Our current hatch date prediction is still May 28.
Day 3 Now, our egg is in stage 23. This is when we first witnessed the heartbeat of our fish. Blood islands are starting to form around the yolk. The head and tail are also beginning to lift off of the yolk sack. Our current hatch date prediction is still May 28.
Day 4- Our egg is now going through stage 28. A trace amount of the fish's blood can be seen through the microscope. The heart is beating at 116 beats per minute. The large cardinal vein is now going through the center of the egg, too. Our current hatch date prediction is still May 28.
Day 5-7
Memorial Day weekend

Day 8- This picture shows Berwyn Tum Tum Bumblebutt at stage 29. The veins that used to be over the yolk are now starting to branch outward. The retina of the eye can now be seen too, and the pectoral fin appears thicker. We now predict the egg to hatch between May 30 and 31.
Day 9- Now our egg has reached stage 31. The fish inside the egg is slightly twitching, and the tail is beginning to develop. The urinary bladder is appearing to be a brownish-green color. The blood is appearing red. Our current hatching prediction is May 31.
Day 10- Stage 33 is what we see in this stage. The tail is now longer, and nearly touching the head. The retina is a clear sac shown in the tail of the fish. Our current hatching prediction is still May 31.
Day 11
-Huzzah! Berwyn has hatched! After measuring him, we found out that he is 4.3 mm long. The dorsal fin can also be seen down the back of Berwyn. Now that he is hatched, we can release him into the care of Mrs. Maine.

Heart Video

Berywn Swimming