Japanese Medaka Eggs........
Baby Nemo's Page

By: Christine Quick and Heather Rodgers

5/20/08 - We had our first meeting with baby Nemo. The adoption center said it was about 26 hours old. Nemo was 1mm in length. We
noticed that there were two divisions of the brain.
5/21/08 - Today we estimated that the egg was about 50 hours old.
5/22/08 - Today we noticed a heartbeat. We counted 55 beats per minute. As of now, we are still estimating the age of our egg at 74 hours.
5/23/08 - Today we counted the heartbeat at 86 beats per minute. Now that we have further studied the egg, we are going to estimate its age at about 84 hours old because today we noticed that the animal was moving. This can be caused by the lashing of its tail.
5/27/08 - Before placing the egg under the microscope today, it looked noticeably different. We counted the heartbeat; 123 beats per minute.
5/28/08 - The heartbeat was about 130 beats per minute.
5/29/08 - The heartbeat was about 137 beats per minute and he had many noticeable features.
5/30/08 - The heartbeat was about 142 beats per minute.

6/2/08 - Baby Nemo finally hatched. It was very difficult to capture a picture because it would not stop swimming around.