We believe our egg is at about stage 18,Late Neurula, based on our other pictures since this one failed to show visible markings to decide its age.
On day one the blastopore starts to shrink, the anterior end of knee has broadened into 2 divisions of the rudimentary brain, and Kupffer's vesicles begin to form. We are guessing our egg will hatch in 11 more days.

Day 2 We Believe our egg is about stage 20. The eyes start forming and the embryo size has increased.

We believe it's at stage 24. The tail is formed and blood starts to circulate and heart starts pumping. The heart beat was 63.

We believe we are at stage 26. At this stage Black granules speckle the optic cup, the tail is curved, and the heart beat increased.

This is about stage 27. The eyes are becoming dark circles, the globule has moved and the pectorial fin is starting but is not visible in our picture. The heart was 15.

I believe our fish is at stage 33. The intestine have become more visible. Also the eyes and body is becoming more visible. The heart beat was 156.


We believe at this point our egg is at stage 35.
At this point our egg the spleen forms. Also becomes more visible and yolk sac has gotten smaller. The heart beat is 154 at stage 35.
This is the last stage of the fish because Baby Motachello has hatched. He has a tail, eyes, and pectorial fins. He is a fast swimmer.

Heart beat of our fish.