Danielle Pascuzzo, Milea Schall, Taylor Powell, and Danica Ference

Danielle's Guideline is to see updated graphs of the damage global warming is doing to the environment, as well as graphs that show what people are doing to help stop this disaster.
Milea's Guideline is to include the stated opinions of many people, showing not only one side, but others as well.
Taylor's Guideline is to include evidence that supports both sides of the argument, and to help people understand how global warming is a problem.
Danica's Guideline is to include supporting evidence from a pro and a con source of believing global warming is a problem, as well as finding what specific parts differ in their opinions.

Those who believe in Global Warming think that the average temperatures of the Earth have been increasing over the past one hundred years for a reason other than normal patterns in weather.
However, there are those that refuse to believe in this theory. They argue that patterns in rapid increase and decrease of temperatures have occurred before, and it is simply that which is happening once more.
The fact that global temperatures have risen over the past 100 years is a definate statement. Two of the last ten years (1998 and 2005) have been the hottest on our Earth's record so far. The real question is whether this change is caused by global warming, or if there is some simpler explanation. In order to develop one's own opinion, both sides of the argument should be carefully researched. There are strong points for both sides.