Sue Ann Smith, Kaitlyn Nestel, Kaylyn Means, Stephanie Spinelli, and Scott Wineberg

There has to be solid proof and support for a position. With the fact that it is an opinion, it needs to be strongly expressed so the person's emotions seem to jump out at you, and it needs to make you think." -Sue Ann
"They need to include facts and somewhat shocking statistics so people get a real idea of the actual problem." -Stephanie
"It has to appeal to everyone: not just one audience. It can't be too biased." -Kaylyn
"It should be somewhat persuasive, motivational, and interesting to read to catch a person's attention and to make them want to do something about it." -Kaitlyn
"If it was set up in question and answer form, it would make it interesting and easy to follow." -Kaitlyn and Sue Ann
"There needs to be good contradicting facts to support one side over another." -Sue Ann
"The information needs to be relayed in a form that's easy for everyone to understand." -Scott
"We need to keep an open mind and form our own opinions"-Kaitlyn
We will be divided into 2 groups: One discussing present-tense causes/facts, and the other discussing future facts and predictions. Scott will be discussing the effects.
Kaylyn and Sue will be in the first group.
Stephanie and Kaitlyn in the second.
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